Return & Warranty Claim Procedure

PLEASE NOTE: CLEARANCE ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Choose carefully or contact us first for advice. As we have closed our physical store, all items are clearance items and we are no longer ordering new stock.

OverlanderAE supplies gear that we know & trust to work out on the road & is backed-up by strong warranties. Manufacturer warranties cover against merchandise defects & vary by manufacturer & item. They do not cover defects caused by normal wear & tear, improper use or installation, or customer negligence.

OAE warrants that the goods supplied are fit for their stated purpose & are free of defects. We will assist customers with your warranty claims & while we do not provide any direct warranty on any item sold, we will look after you as best we can. Please note there is no warranty for special or modified use, or for use in any way other than that specified by the manufacturer.

If you have a warranty issue, please follow the Return Authorisation Process below. Please note, as we are no longer a fully trading business, we may direct you to contact the Australian distributor regarding your claim. We will provide all information we can to make that process as smooth as possible.

  • Contact us before sending your return or warranty claim item to obtain a Return Authorisation Number (RAN# – detailed instructions below).
  • Warranty claims will be accepted only with a valid receipt from Overlander Adventure Equipment. It is your responsibility to maintain your receipt as proof of purchase. We will not assist with warranty claims for purchases from any source than Overlander Adventure Equipment.
  • Please contact us immediately for specific instructions if you:

– receive a damaged delivery
– receive an item that you believe is faulty
– have an item that develops a fault.

  • If a problem develops with an item during a trip, contact us as soon as possible (preferably with photos) so we can record the date & process your claim efficiently on your return. We will also help while you’re still on the road if we can!
  • See below about warranty processing times.
  • Clearance items cannot be returned unless faulty.
  • Items replaced under warranty will not be sent until the original purchase has been received by us. You can also choose to purchase the new item for immediate sending & we will refund the original purchase as soon as it’s received.

Return Authorisation Process

  1. Contact us to obtain a Return Authorisation Number (RAN#) before sending your warranty claim. Claims will not be processed if they arrive without prior contact with us.
  2. When returning a warranty claim or faulty item, provide photos & a description of the item with as much detail as possible about how it was used & showing the problem (e.g. amount of use, trip & road conditions, how mounted on bike, care & cleaning, etc). Manufacturers require this information from us. The more information you provide, the more quickly we can process your claim.
  3. Please clean warranty items before returning them. Dirty clothing or parts will be returned to you for cleaning (or cleaned for a fee) before processing.
  4. When you have your RAN, package your item carefully. Include your name & phone number inside the package. Do not use original packaging (e.g. shoe boxes, tent bags) as external packaging. Damage due to return shipping or inadequate packaging will not qualify for a full refund.
  5. Clearly write your RAN on the outside of your package & ship your return to the address we provide you by email.
  6. You are responsible for all costs of sending your purchase back to OAE & for shipping any exchanges. We highly recommend you obtain a tracking number for your package. We are not responsible for items lost during shipping.
  7. When we receive your package, we will notify you when your replacement item shipped or the next steps in the warranty claim process.
  8. Warranty returns will be inspected by OAE & the manufacturer’s agent before proceeding. Each manufacturer has its own warranty procedure & OAE will follow that procedure as directed.
  9. When we receive instructions from the manufacturer or their agent, we will confirm the details with you before proceeding. Warranty processing can take up to 8 weeks, subject to the individual manufacturer’s policies, shipping times & completion of repairs.
  10. When we receive your item or replacement item after the warranty process, we will contact you immediately for collection.
  11. If the manufacturer decides that your claim does not fall under the warranty, we will notify you immediately to discuss.
  12. You have 30 days to collect your warranty claim item from the first time OAE tells you it is ready for collection (including by voice message). If you do not collect your item or contact us within that time, OAE may consider the item abandoned & proceed to dispose of it as per the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Regulations 1971.