Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Guide – Asia, Africa and Latin America

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25th anniversary edition of the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

‘The first thing we did was buy Chris Scott’s Adventure Motorcycling Handbook Ewan McGregor, The Long Way Round.

‘Adventure motorcycling’ (a term Chris was credited with coining in the late 90s) has grown massively since the last edition of AMH. Now in its fourth decade, the much revised and expanded AMH7 catches up with all of it, covering among other things:

  • planning, sponsorship, riding seasons, fuel prices
  • bike choice and recommended models
  • the gear: what you need, not what you can buy
  • Life on the Road: borders, comms, police trouble, satnav, filming and moto troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive overland route outlines in Africa, Asia and Latin America – aka: the Adventure Motorcycling Zone
  • Contributions from among others: Lois Pryce, Walter Colebatch, Gaurav Jani, Grant Johnson and many other two-wheel adventurers.
  • Maps by Nick Hill.

Now at 400 pages, the book no longer assumes you’re an experienced tourer who’s decided to take off to the outer limits. Many AM riders are much like Ted Simon was in 1970s; individuals in search of adventure and who happen to choose a motorcycle. Readers aren’t expected to have an in-depth knowledge of mechanics, travel health or navigation, so there are fuller explanations of how things work and why certain choices are worthwhile, as well as a comprehensive listing on troubleshooting.

This now makes AMH7 as much a take-with book as one to consult during the planning stage.What really makes the AMH special, however, is that it capitalises on the knowledge and experience of over 30 globetrotting contributors covering regions, topics or their specialist knowledge in added detail.These contributors-as well as a light touch-is what’s helped make Trailblazer’s Adventure Motorcycling Handbook the legendary manual after 25 years in print. AMH7: everything you need to know, in one book.

About the Author

Chris Scott is a veteran travel guide author, adventurer and tour leader. He’s the author of Sahara Overland, Morocco Overland and The Overlanders Handbook, also for Trailblazer. He’s made films of his rides in the Yukon, Desert Riders in the central Sahara and Gorge Riders in north-western Australia. He occasionally runs motorcycle tours in North Africa.

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