Andy Strapz- Expansion Pak

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A rectangular bag, zippered at both ends designed to fit beneath the A or AA Bagz

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A rectangular bag, zippered at both ends designed to fit beneath the A or AA Bagz


Add  extra capability and versatility to an A  or AA Bag.

Sometimes we need that bit of extra room and that  sometimes was the inspiration for the Expansion Pak.

Simply slip it under either the tail pack and secure it with the A or AA Bagz straps through the loops on the Expansion Pack.

Use it for spare shoes, toiletries bags, towels, jeans, camping gear. I use mine for all those things I don’t need ’til the end of the day. The zippers on the end allow me to tuck away a neck warmer or spare gloves away quickly.

Expansion Pakz fit neatly inside (on the bottom) of the A Bagz if not in use, but might be needed for the shopper of the team.


Use the Expansion Pack as bag in its own right. Top a hard case, use it for tents, camping gear or wet weather gear on day rides.


500 denier Cordura, with waterproof PU coating
#10 self repairing coil type, single pull each end.
Two nylon flat rods along the bag
Not water proof, needs a liner/dry bag (see Ultrasil Dry Sacks). Main body constructed out of one piece of fabric. penetrated as little as possible. Outer flaps cover end zippers.
3M reflective weave in trailing edge (rear) of the bag. Aussie made webbing


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 30 x 2 cm


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